How to Use Original Research to Fuel Your Content Marketing Engine

The good news: 2019 is a breakout year for research-based content marketing. Savvy marketers know original research performs well, generating backlinks, media mentions, leads and sales.

Bad news: Even as more marketers publish original research, they lack the know-how to do it well, unintentionally making mistakes that erode their credibility.

This fast-paced session will give you tons of examples and concrete ideas to make an immediate and tangible impact on your next research project. Marketers who are interested in experimenting with research or those who want to get more from their efforts should attend this session.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Share specific ideas with your team about how they can create research-based content
  • Apply easy-to-implement ideas to get started on your next research project
  • Avoid common research mistakes