From Social Media to Hulu: How Can Your Brand Make a TV Show?

Why can’t a brand make a TV show? The answer to this seemingly simple question may surprise you. A brand actually can make a TV show, but not many are willing (or know how) to take the creative and strategic risks associated with it. Furthermore, few marketers are exploring the episodic approach to content necessary for such an achievement. In this session, Douglas Bohrer, the creator, writer and producer of the Beef Loving Texans’ Hulu series BBQuest, will provide you with the tools needed to pitch an episodic content strategy, develop your concept, see it through to production, and market your new masterpiece like a media mogul through various social media platforms.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a brand series & market it on social media
  • Understand the anatomy of episodic video
  • Apply an essential five-part story structure