How to Create Original Research That Gets Attention and Leads

January 16, 2018

Are you publishing original research to get people interested in your brand? If you aren’t, you’re not alone—but you’re missing a massive opportunity. If you are publishing research, chances are you can do more with this valuable asset. In this example-driven session, we’ll examine some stand-out original research from both large companies that publish sought-after annual research studies, to scrappy brands that extract insights from user data, and how they use that data as part of their content marketing strategy.
After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the general steps involved in any research project from survey design and data analysis, to data journalism and amplification
  • Focus on the most essential things you need to do to get any research project started on the right foot so you can maximize results
  • Use that research to create content that will attract customers