Heart Over Art: Why Your Need For Social Content Perfection is Holding You Back

August 20, 2018

Studies show, over and over, that people don’t like feeling like they’re being “marketed to.” But over and over, marketers continue to create content that looks like, well, marketing! Are we our own reason that we can’t have nice things? If we put less focus on creating beautiful marketing pieces, and instead focused on creating personal connections with our customers – especially in social media – we can find the perfect blend to drive results.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Put yourself in your social media followers shoes – experience your content like they do
  • Recognize that what “looks” good from a marketing perspective may not be what looks good on social media
  • Better understand how content is consumed differently on different social media platforms
  • Learn how to customize content for how users consume it
  • Accept and get comfortable with embracing imperfect content to experience better results