Digital & Diversity: The Importance of Black Millennials to Marketers

August 20, 2018

Social media has tremendous reach among African Americans. A staggering 81% of African Americans engage on social media and apps via their smartphones. It is a trend that black millennials use their social profiles as an extension of themselves. Twitter has become a pillar of the black community and 55% of black millennials report they spend an hour or more daily on social networking sites. What does this mean for you? Social media is an opportunity for marketers to appeal to black consumer loyalty, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all have higher reach among African American adults than adults in the United States collectively.

With this level of social media engagement for the majority of black consumers, marketers need to recognize the importance of connecting with African Americans – especially black millennials – via social media as a critical element of their strategic marketing plans.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the buying power of African Americans and identify which industries and product lines see strong engagement
  • Know the visibility of advertising to black millennials, especially on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to maximize ROI
  • Develop actionable tactics to market to black millennials