How do you build an audience that wants to buy bottled water…from Mexico? This was the challenge  faced when building a digital strategy around effervescent bottled mineral water, Topo Chico. Answer: strike the right balance between internally produced and user-generated content of visually-pleasing photos and emotion-invoking stories on social media. Based on real-world examples from this experience, this session will discuss how to further brand loyalty and awareness through increased fan-driven advocacy on social. After this session, you will be able to:

  • Grow demand for your product organically by building relationships with industry insiders and creating strategic brand scarcity
  • Curate content from regular fans and tastemakers alike at no cost
  • Strike a balance between defining your own brand and taking cues from your fans about what they want your brand to be
  • Select the appropriate resources to produce professional online content without a huge budget