Accessible Content is Marketable Content: Turning Your Great Content into Greatness for All

January 31, 2018

Digital accessibility often ends up as a nice-to-have in most digital projects, or, if we’re being honest, a no-need-to-have. What if you found out that accessible content is beautiful? That it goes beyond accommodating people with disabilities and honestly, intrinsically includes them? When you create digital marketing content with accessibility in mind, you automatically create content with improved SEO, increased readability, and higher levels of engagement.
After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what digital accessibility is and why it matters to every business
  • Tap into an underserved national audience of 16 million strong (and growing)
  • Use tangible, easy-to-implement tactics for making your digital content accessible
  • Replicate examples of companies that do it well and those that got sued
  • Utilize local and online resources to take your digital accessibility skills further